11 January 2018

02 November 2017

Contractors in the Park today and yesterday - using a coring machine to remove tree roots from the drains
and a high pressure water spray to clear the drains.
Lets hope that this helps to alleviate the flooding that occurs after prolonged rain.

27 October 2017

Jack and Ian re-planted 4 tubs with Winter Pansies and some Heather.


19 October 2017

 Ann and Ian carried out a litter pick -2 large bags of rubbish.


24June 2017

The Willow sculpture has had some minor vandalism done to it but hopefully it will continue to thrive.

Excavations have been taking place in the Park to try and identify the blockage in the drainage pipes.

The two tubs at the West gate have been re-stocked with bedding plants and today two new tubs were installed and filled with a variety of heathers.

A new bee hive was recently installed and stocked with a bee colony.

24 MAY 2017

Ann and Ian carried out a litter pick today - over the whole park.

Only 1 small bag of litter collected - very good!

16 MAY 2017

New addition to the Nature Trail - all the way from Iceland!

        Damaged Hedgehog box

                    Re- instated Hedgehog box


Bluebells in full bloom

Ian Ireland

Secretary FMWP

02 May 2017

Ann carried out a litter pick today - collected half a bag of rubbish, mainly from the football pitch area. Quite a lot of dog poo at the back of the park

Re-planted a broken stem on the willow sculpture - accidental or wilful?

29 April 2017

Council employees have been busy this week in the park.

They have cut the grass. ( well half the park at the moment!) - they have cleared the Wildflower Meadow patch ready for planting of perennial wildflowers later and they have put weed killer down on the path edges.

Photos show cleared wildflower patch, lots of growth on the willow installation and one of the new, hedgehog homes put in the park by pupils of Nether Currie Primary school.

Ian Ireland

Secretary FMWP

10 April 2017

Last week the Council Rangers planted two Bird Cherry (Prunus Padus) trees in the plantation at the West end of the Park. This was to replace two trees that had died.

They also planted in the Orchard an apple tree, a plum tree and a damson tree.

02 March 2017

Jo Walton and the children of Nether Currie Primary School erected another willow installation in the park today. This one is behind the bench that is sited in front of the wildflower area - let's hope that this one is allowed to establish itself as a proper living installation.

Ian Ireland

Secretary FMWP.

09November 2016

 Jack and Ian finished planting 200 yellow,Flag Iris.

25 October 2016

Ian replanted the 4 tubs with daffodils and plants and weeded around the notice board at the West gate.

03 September 2016

Jack, Daniel and Ian installed 2 new nets this morning.

02September 2016

Ian cleared all the grass away from the goal posts in preparation for the 

installation of the new nets.

Ann, Daniel and Ian carried out a litter pick this evening.

29 August 2016

Ann and Ian carried out a litter pick today.Many plastic bottles were scattered around the football pitch.

The goal nets were removed today and the posts painted.

The bee hive was found on the ground at the foot of the tree - slightly damaged.

It has been handed to Craig for repair.

18 August 201

Ann, Stephanie and Ian carried out a litter pick today.

09 June 2016

More painting was carried out today on the Children's Play Equipment.

Goal posts still to be painted.

28 June 2016

On a damp evening, five volunteers ( the usual crew), carried out some cutting of branches/bushes that were overhanging the path. A litter pick and path edge clearance was also carried out.

Ian Ireland


23 June 2016

Today our new Information Board was installed, just inside the Children's Play area.


Ian Ireland

Secretary FMWP

7th June 2016

On Tuesday 31st May 2016 two dead trees at the front of the park were cut down.

On Monday 6th June 2016 concrete was laid in preparation for the installation of our new Information Board.This will be sited at the West gate in the children's play area.

On Tuesday 7th June 2016 the flower tubs in the park were emptied and re-filled with compost - new plants will be added soon.

02 May 2016

Ann and Ian carried out a litter pick - not much litter considering that the last litter pick was done at the Easter Egg Hunt on 25 March 2016.

07 March 2016


We are looking to design a new play area for Muir Wood Park with a view to fund-raising and developing the space over the coming years. 

 First thing - we need your input!

We have 2 surveys open just now to gather your thoughts and ideas. One for adults and one for children to complete - perhaps with a little help from their parents, if needed.

Please take some time to provide your feedback, it will be used to inform the initial design and will then go out for further consultation.

To access the surveys please click on the link below  - 


Thank you.

15February 16

Council Forestry Staff cut tree down plus one other in similar state.

14 February 16

Tree with roots loosened due to flooding now lying against other trees - across path behind goal posts.

Reported to Craig.

17 November 15

Jack and Ian replanted 4 tubs with daffodils, primulas and wallflowers.

06November 15

Ian planted 500 crocus bulbs that had been donated by the Round Table. These were planted around 

the bench at the Wild Flower meadow and some in front of the owl carving in amongst the trees.

24 September 15

Gavin and Ian renewed the remaining goal net.

01 September 15

Ian and Donald installed a new net at the goal posts beside the path. Also trimmed

some of the trees overhanging the path.

9th July 15

Ann carried out a litter pick


Ian put some more plants in the flower tubs.


Jack and Ian put up the anti-litter posters that Primary 7 pupils from Nether Currie Primary School had designed.



Ian cut back tree branches that were blocking the path behind the goal posts.


Council Rangers finished cutting a metre strip of vegetation at the path edge. This should keep the path 

clear of brambles, nettles etc - if it gets cut at the same time as the grass.


Matt, a Council Ranger, started cutting back vegetation at the path edge in preparation for a machine to complete the work.

21May15 -Evening.

8 volunteers - Val, Donald,Jack and Jean, Mr +Mrs Hollis and Ann and Ian - carried out a number of tasks, including -

Vegetation cut back, path edging cleared, sign replaced in wildflower meadow, litter pick etc.

Many thanks to all the volunteers for their time and effort.


19 May 2015

Mark and Ian fixed 3 "PLEASE SHUT THE GATE " notices to all the gates.

Cut and filed all the bolts on the "NO DOGS" signs.

Also re-fixed and pegged goal nets.

24April 2015

0830 Reported by Val - Flower tub at West gate emptied. 

Ian repotted all plants and reported to Police on 101.

Incident Report - PS - 20150424-680

Crime Report No.  CR-02743415 PC Pam Black.

1800 - Jack said that he and Alistair Sutherland had spoken to a large group of children

who had a large fire going in the woods. Lots of abusive language but the fire was put out.

Ian cleared all the debris and also carried out a litter pick as lots of bottles and paper had been left.

Reported to Police Incident No. 862250415.

23April 2015

Jack and Ian planted wildflower seeds obtained from Kew Gardens.

02 April 2015

Six bird/bat boxes added and reaffixed by Donald and Ian.

01April 2015

Path edging work done by Ian.

26 March 2015

Last section of Play Park fencing installed.
All gate closings checked.
Six bird/bat boxes delivered.

25 March2015

Litter pick by Ann.

20 March 2015

Ian installed 3 "NO DOGS IN PLAY PARK" signs.

18March 2015

Large tree staked by Mark and Ian.

13March 2015

Jack and Ian checked faulty gate closing.
Staked trees and bushes in Orchard.

06March 2015

Litter pick by Ann and Ian.

27 February 2015

Litter pick by Daniel, Ann and Ian.

11February 2015

Litter pick by Ann and Ian.

03February 2015

Jack and Ian did a survey of bird and bat boxes.
16 Bird boxes identified and 10 bat boxes.
3 bird boxes need renewed and one reaffixed to tree.
1 bat box needs renewed and 2 reaffixed to tree.

22December 2014

Remainder of letters delivered

19 December 2014

First batch of letters delivered to those living adjacent to Park.

Contacted Neighbourhood Watch asking for an article in "LOOK-OUT"

17December 2014

Park Management Rules put in notice board.

02 December 2014

 Donald and Ian cut some ivy and growth around the base of some trees.

25 November 2014

Met with  Police - Derek Brown - to discuss recent vandalism.

24 November2014

Goal nets re-fixed by Ian and Donald

23 November 2014

 goal nets vandalised - all clips and pegs uprooted and scattered on both goals.
Reported to Police - Incident No. 293.

18 November 2014

New goal nets were installed on the football pitch by Jack and Ian.

14 November 2014

Today all the wooden flower tubs in the park were replaced with four new ones. One of the existing tubs was moved to a new position beside the bench next to the wildflower patch. New plants were put in all the tubs.

The waste bin on the corner was moved to the back of the goals in an attempt to encourage the football players to put their bottles etc in the bin.


On Tuesday evening 22nd July 2014 six volunteers (?) spent almost two hours carrying out miscellaneous tasks in the park.

These included cutting back vegetation, installing a bird box, litter picking  and re-fixing the goal nets.

Thanks for all their hard work as it was a very hot evening - we look forward to other volunteers on the next occasion.

Some of the volunteers

Jack and Donald cutting back some of the trees


                    Path before cutting back vegetation                                                     Path after cutting back vegetation

Ian Ireland
24 July 2014


The wooden sculptures which were recently installed in the park have received many favourable comments.
Unfortunately, the bracket on the large butterfly came off and has been removed to the Council Workshops.
It is expected to be back on site within the next few days.

The Friends Group would like to record their thanks to Edinburgh and Lothians Greenspace Trust for providing the funds to enable us to purchase these sculptures.

Thanks also to  the City of Edinburgh Council for providing the Owl sculpture and installing all of the animals in the park.

Ian Ireland
Secretary FMWP
19 June 2014


Despite repeated requests the Council have been unable to supply us with nets for the goal posts on the football pitch.

We decided to buy some nets ourselves and these were installed on the goal posts by Jack and Ian on Tuesday 6th May 2014.
Hopefully they will give long service and be enjoyed by all those that play football on this pitch.

Ian Ireland

19th September 2013

On18th September 2013 two additional apple trees were planted in "THE ORCHARD" in Muir Wood Park.

These trees were bought with money donated by PETRA (Pentland Edge Tenants and Residents Association).
This organisation has unfortunately ceased to exist and has agreed to donate the balance of their funds to the Friends of Muir Wood Park. We thank them for this gesture and these trees will be a reminder of the help they provided to their members.

The fruit trees are 2 year old and are varieties that should do well in the Scottish climate - James Grieve and Cox's Orange Pippin.

Ian Ireland

15th AUGUST 2013


Our new Information Board was officially unveiled on Thursday 15th August 2013 by Callie Thomson and
Tyler Richardson, both pupils at Nether Currie Primary School.

The Board gives a short history of the Park with some old photographs that were obtained from the library at Heriot-Watt University.Research was carried out by Ian Ireland and Margo Arnot.

Margo, who was responsible for the formation of the Friends Group in 2004/5, has recently resigned from Official duties. We owe Margo a great deal for all her hard work in progressing the Group and for all her contributions regarding Flora and Fauna.


Tyler Richardson and Callie Thomson unveiling the new Information Board.

Ian Ireland

10th March 2013

The minutes of the AGM which took place on Wednesday 6th March 2013 are available  to view under  "DOCUMENTS"

24 September 2012


The Friends of Muir Wood Park have had a number of resignations, for personal reasons, over the past year. This has left the running of the Group in the hands of a very small number of enthusiasts.At our last meeting in September we decided to try and keep going until our AGM in March 2013. At this time we will have to review this decision and see if it is feasible to continue.

We have more than 100 members/families signed up to the Group but only a few turn up at our Meetings. This is fine as long as we have enough people to carry out the tasks required of the Friends Group. We are now at the stage where there are insufficient numbers to allow us to work effectively. This is a plea for more people to come forward and help us keep the Friends Group in existence.

I do not need to list the improvements that have been achieved over the past 7 years, the large increase in the number of people using the Park speaks for itself.

Ian Ireland
Temporary Secretary.


Muir Wood Park has been awarded the Green Flag for 2012/13.

Many thanks to everyone who has been involved in working towards achieving this award.

The park has become a much more attractive place for the children and adults to use. The number of people walking and exercising their dogs has increased dramatically since the path was completed and this has also opened up the whole of the park to the Community.

The recent problems with the flooding are being addressed by the Council and it is hoped that remedial action will take place soon.


The results of the recent questionnaire about fencing in the children's play area  are -

      Yes                    58%
                     No                     35%              
     Don't Know        7%

For a more detailed explanation of the results please click on the link below.

Fencing Questionnaire AUG12.doc


Five fruit trees were planted in the park on Tuesday 29th May 2012. The trees were Golden Delicious and Gold apple, Plum, Pear and Stella Cherry. The picture shows the Cherry tree being planted.


Well, all our hard work has paid off. The results have just been recently announced and Muir Wood Park has been awarded the GREEN FLAG AWARD  that we applied for earlier this year. Thanks go to to the Friends of Muir Wood Park and their many helpers over the past five years.

Watch out for the award ceremony and the installation of the flag pole in the park in the near future.

This award is given out on an annual basis so we have to ensure that the high standards are maintained throughout each year.

Ian Ireland

02 August 2011